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RHCE : Redhat Certified Engineer

RHCE Details: Linux Command line syntax, Linux Directory & File System introduction, Files, directories and paths,Users and Groups Introduction, Linux User Types and Database,Explore Linux File & Directory Types, Linux File System Permissions,Enabling IP Forwarding,Understand Network Device Recognition, Configuring IPv4 Networking, Configuring IPv6 Networking,Logical Volume Management Concept, Creating Logical Volumes, Creating Group Volumes,The Doman Name System,Introduction of Database Management System, Types of Database Management System, Installing and Configuring MariaDB Database, Working with MariaDB Databases, MariaDB Command Line Introduction, Netfilter and Firewalld concepts, Default Configuration of Firewalld zones, Managing & Configure Firewall Settings, Working with Rich Rules, Working with Custom Rules,Discuss about How web Server works ? Pre-requisite (DNS) configuration of Web Server, Configuring Apache HTTPD Server, Configure Name-based Virtual Hosting & SSH Host Keyes (Public and Private).

Advanced Linux Moduel

Professional Linux Details: Describing SAN, NAS, JBOD. Disk Platter, Spindle, Block, Sector, Cache. IDE, SATA, SAS, SCSI Controllers. Software RAID, Hardware RAID, Array, Hot Spare. Describing RAID Levels, 0, 1, 5, 6, 10. iSCSI Initiator, Target, IQN, LUN. Setup & Configure OpenFiler Storage OS. Configure Hostname, Interface, Ntp. Volume Group, iSCSI Target, LUN Mapping. Create NAS Share For Linux Access. Create SMB Share For Windows, Manage Quota. Describe about Cluster & Cluster Resource Install and configure Redhat Cluster Suite Describe fencing &Quorum Configure Cluster Resource Configure Fencing Configure HA for web server Configure Quorum DISK Trouble Shooting Install Xen On Redhatlinux Using virt-manager To Create & Manage VM's. Creating An Image-Based Virtual Machine Create a Fully Virtualized Guest VM. Managing A Xen Guest From The Command Line. Install & Configure KVM (Kernel Virtual Machine). Create Linux Virtual Machines inside KVM. Create Server 2008 Virtual Machines inside KVM.

Corporate Email Administration

Email Administration Details: MUA ( Mail User Agent ), MDA ( Mail Delivery Agent ), MTA ( Mail Transport Agent ), LDA/MSA ( Local Delivery/Mail Submission Agent. Relation between mail server and DNS server. Postfix Architecture. Local/Remote Delivery. Mail Routing. Email Proxy Server. Mail Gateway/Spam Checking gateway, Remote Delivery, Routing & Relay management: Relay Specific Domain, Relay Specific Host, Relay Specific User, Relay after "SMTP Auth" Or SASL, Routing Mail to Multiple Locations, User + Domain Masquerading, Mail Scanner Configuration, Mail Scanner White list/Blacklist, Clam Antivirus Configuration, Virus check/Uncheck, Spam Assassin Configuration, Spam Assassin white list / blacklist, Razor/Pyzor + DCC, Mail watch ASSP Installation, Configuring ASSP for ISP Spamming Protection, Postfix Architecture, Assigning Hostname, Domain Name, Lan Interfaces, Locally receiving Mail, Aliasing, Redirection, Forwarding to program, file, user, Dovecote Setup, Outlook 2010, Outlook Express, IncrediMail, Eudora, Setup Zimbra Collaboration Server (ZCS), Login to Webmail, Compose, Send/Receive, Signature, Change password, Forward, Filtering, Address Book. Manage Calendar, task, Meeting, Document. Configure Zimbra Client, Outlook 2010. Administering Control Panel Interface, Manage Multiple Domains & Accounts, Using zmprov and zmcontrol CLI Utility. Monitor system using console, logs, daily mail report. Backup and Restore, Schedule/Unscheduled backups. Amavis Configuration, Amavis whitelist/blacklist, Clam Antivirus Configuration, Virus check/Uncheck, Spam Assassin Configuration, Spam Assassin white list / blacklist, Razor/Pyzor + DCC, Maia Mailguard