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  • Durpal
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Basic & Advance Html & Html5

Html & Html5 Details: Html Documents, Html ElementsIt , Html Attribute, Html Headings, Paragraphs, Styles, Comments, Text, fonts, Links, Images, Tables, Lists, BlockElements, Background, Responsive WebDesign, Classes, Layouts,Scripts, Head,Entities, Symbols, Encoding, Url, Forms, Input, Browser Support, Migration, Canvas, SVG, Multimedia, Plug-ins, Geolocation, Youtube, Local Storage, Application Cache etc.

Basic & Advance Css & Css3 Module

Css & Css3 Details: CSS Syntax, CSS Selectors, CSS Background, CSS Text, CSS Font, CSS Links, CSS Lists, CSS Tables, CSS Box, CSS Border, CSS Outlines, CSS Margin, CSS Padding, CSS Dimension, CSS Display and Visibility, CSS Positioning, CSS Float, CSS Horizontal Align, CSS Combinators, CSS Pseudo-classes,CSS Navigation Bar,CSS Image Gallery&Others.

Basic & Advance JavaScript & PHP & Mysql

JavaScript & PHP & Mysql Details: JavaScript Introduction, JavaScript Where To, JavaScript Output, JavaScript Syntax , JavaScript Statements, JavaScript Comments, JavaScript Variables, JavaScript Operators, JavaScript Arithmetic, JavaScript Assignment, SQL Tutorial, SQL Syntax, SQL SELECT DISTINCT Statement, SQL WHERE, SQL AND & OR, SQL ORDER & Others. PHP 5 Installation, PHP 5 Syntax, PHP 5 Variables,PHP 5 echo and print Statements, PHP 5 Data, PHP 5 Strings, PHP 5 Constants, PHP 5 Operators, PHP 5 if...else, switch & Others .

Basic & Advance Wordpress & Bootstrap & Durpal

Wordpress & Bootstrap & Durpal Details: How to install wordpress, How to create a Blog, How to create a post & page;How to install a pluggings, How to archive,How to diaplay a post ? uses breadcumbs, custom post, slideshow, Create a Template, Blog Page, Disqus, yoast & 0thers.How to use bootstrap ? Grid, Jumbutton,Carsouel,responsive buttons, responsive Nevigation & Others.

Live projects under Course

  • Psd To Html
  • Jpg To Html
  • Html to Wordpress
  • Theme Development
  • Webdite develop under Php,Bootstrap